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Increase the fame of your spirits!
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Increase the fame of your spirits!

Nowadays, your products need to be known and renowned in order to be popular with customers. Consumers are busy and they do not spend time researching before buying a product. They buy products they are familiar with or products which seem trustworthy.

That is the same thing for any alcoholic drink. Consumers, when they are in front of a batch of bottles have their attention drawn by a sticker placed well in sight on a bottle which indicates to them that this product obtained a medal awarded by tested tasters. The multiplication of the competition of wine and spirits tastings is an indication of effectiveness of this method of marketing.

It is what offers Sélections Mondiales des Spiritueux Canada (SMS Canada).

SMS Canada increases the notoriety of your products for million consumers, in particular in North America. Being awarded a medal by Sélections mondiales des Spiritueux Canada will benefit you. Indeed after the competition there will be an advertising campaign of international scale including the following elements:

The list of the winning products will be published on the Internet site of Global Wine & Spirits the largest site of electronic trade intended for the professionals.

Press Campaign

The prize winners will profit from a visibility with the national and international press, via advertisements, press releases at the time of the event, report and diffusion of the results.

In many countries, specialized magazines will make the promotion of the products with medals.

The Canadian Magazine PRESTIGE, with a monthly readership of nearly 100,000 people, will publish a report on the competition and its results.

The Canadian Magazine HRI mainly for hotel keepers, restaurants and institutions will publish a report on the competition and its results.

Sélections Mondiales des Spiritueux Canada is a competition of prestige, established since 1983 in the competition Sélections Mondiales des Vins et Spriritueux Canada.


Samples having been granted the required amount of points will be awarded the following medals:

Very Great Distinction: at least 92 points
Great Distinction : at least 85 points
Distinction : at least 82 points

Limit of medals awarded
As in all serious competition, the sum of all medals awarded must not exceed 30% of the total of the samples presented at the competition.

Promotional use
Winners will be able to mention in their publicity that they were awarded a Very Great Distinction, Great Distinction, Distinction Medal by the present competition of Sélections Mondiales des Spiritueux Canada.

The Organizer of the Competition will deliver to each producer, trader or agent a certificate attesting of the medal obtained. This certificate will carry the designation of the product having obtained the reward and the identification of the producer, the trader or the agent in question.

As soon as the results of the competition will be known, you will be able to get stickers reproducing these medals which you can affix on your bottles. As of now, prepare to order these stickers. The winners will be able to buy from the Organizer of the Competition the necessary quantities of Stickers, whose trademark is reserved, in order to affix them on their products. The stickers can be affixed only on the bottles of the products which were awarded a medal.

These stickers are available at the following price:

from 1 000 to 10 000 stickers: 49 $ CND/1000
from 11 000 to 25 000 stickers: 47 $ CND/1000
from 26 000 to 50 000 stickers: 45 $ CND/1000
More than 50 000 stickers: 40 $ CND/1000
The right to use the image of the medal of Selections Mondiales des Spiritueux Canada printed on your own label: 30$ CND/1000 bottles

Special Prizes

Moreover, a few "Special Prizes" will underline the quality and excellence of products in competition.

The ?BEST AGENT? prize will be awarded to the agent doing business in the Province of Quebec and having obtained the highest average for the sum of products presented in the competition. To be eligible, the agent must have presented a minimum of 5 (five) products.

The COUP DE COEUR prize will be awarded to the products having obtained the highest grade in the overall competition.

The PRESTIGE SPIRITS prize will be awarded to the product having obtained the highest grade in the category Spirits from grapes of this competition.

Virtual Buyer's Guide

Publishing of the virtual Buyer's Guide of the best products of the world of Selections Mondiales des spiritueux Canada 2011
In the Buyer's guide of the best wines of Sélections Mondiales des Vins Canada, the Guide will reserve a section which will give a list on the prize winners of Sélections Mondiales des Spiritueux Canada.

This purchasing guide is available in a virtual form and can be accessed by all during the coming years on our website www.smvcanada.ca. The printed version is distributed to major commercial buyers in North America and to the producers and experts having taken part in the Competition of spirits and wines.

Moreover, for those who wish it, it is possible to advertise their company in this guide. The cost of a full page is 2 450 $ CAD. For more information, communicate with us at info@sms-canada.ca