Eligible products and categories

This competition is open to all producers of spirits, traders and agents from around the entire world, on condition that the products they present fall into one of the following categories of the present regulation and that they were elaborated in conformity with current standards of the country of origin.


  1. Spirits from grapes (ex : cognac, armagnac, Pisco, grappa)
  2. Spirits from cereals (ex : whisky, vodka, gin, sake)
  3. Spirits from fruits (ex : calvados)
  4. Liqueurs with plants or herbs (ex : liquors with mint, chocolate, cacao)
  5. Liqueurs with cream (ex : Baileys, Amarulla)
  6. Spirits from sugar cane (ex : rhum, Cachaça)
  7. Spirits from base agave (ex : tequila, pulque)
  8. Spirits without base agave
  9. Ciders

Note : the examples in each category are not exhaustive. Only one bottle per sample is needed, if it contains at least 500 ml.