Order medal stickers

Buying stickers

As soon as the results of the competition are known, you will be able to get stickers reproducing these medals which you can affix on your wine bottles. As of now, prepare to order these stickers. The winners will be able to buy from the Organizer of the Competition the necessary quantities of Stickers, whose mark is deposited, in order to affix them on their wines. You can order at: info@smvcanada.ca

The stickers can be affixed only on the bottles of the wines which were awarded a medal and for the same vintage only. These stickers are available at the following price:

from 1 000 to 10 000 stickers 49 $ CND/1000
from 11 000 à 25 000 stickers 47 $ CND/1000
from 26 000 à 50 000 stickers 45 $ CND/1000
More than 50 000 stickers 40 $ CND/1000
The right to use the image of the medal 30 $ CND/1000

Thank you