Online Resgistration

Dear participants,

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Before beginning the online registration, please have the following information for each of the products to be registered. To assure the right categorization of your products, it is important to have complete information

  1. Brand name: Generic name of the product, several products can have the same brand name or trademark
  2. Color: Red, White, Rosé or Amber
  3. Cuvée: The Cuvée differentiates the products of the same trademark or brand name( eg vine type) or mentions of one particular vintage (eg: President's Cuvée)
  4. Vintage: year of production
  5. Vine type: One or several vines type of the product. This information allows the categorization of the product. In the eventuality where this product is a prize-winner, this information will not be included in the name of the product. If it is important that the vine type is in the name of the product, PLEASE, register the vine type in the Cuvée
  6. Stock available at the time of registration in liters
  7. Residual sugar in grams per liter
  8. % of alcohol, Reduced sugar (g/l)
  9. Pressure in bars for petillant and sparkling wines: this information allows you to have access to the sparkling wines categories
  10. In contact with wood: yes or no
  11. Is this product available in Québec (SAQ or private importation)
  12. Net export price for reselling per bottle in origin currency: À développer
  13. Choice of category:- 1. Spirits from grapes (ex: cognac, armagnac, pisco, grappa) 2. Spirits from cereals (ex: whisky, vodka, gin); 3. Spirits from fruits (ex: calvados); 4. Liqueurs with plants or herbs (ex: liqueurs with mint, chocolate, cacao); 5. Liqueurs with cream (ex: Baileys, Amarulla); 6. Spirits from sugar cane (ex: rhum, Cachaça); 7. Spirits from base agave (ex: tequila, pulque); 8. Product with Distinctive character; 9. Cider;

Please note that you can also register by fax (+1- 418-683-2899) or email :**

Thank you for your interest in the SMV, SMS and SME competitions!